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About Us

  • The “Michiel de Ruyter” Scientific Organisation from Partium was registered judicially in the spring of 2006. But before this had happened, the informal organization was already working on the establishing and organizing of a library. The result of this was that in the beginning of 2007 the KREDOK Library from Oradea was opened. After the organization got registered, we had the opportunities to organize projects which would fulfill our objectives the main points of which are the nurturing of culture in Transylvania and Banat and organizing scientific activities and events for the young generations
  • Objectives
  • Promoting regional values in Transylvania and Banat
  • Helping members and the young form the region in furthering their studies and profession
  • Setting up libraries
  • Forming a social elite which is capable of answering to the new European needs
  • Developing a mentality of community among the young generation of Transylvania andforming a unique system of training
  • Offering advice on the economic activities of member and the young helped by the organization and protecting their rights on a national and international level
  • Organizing cultural, speciality, study related and leisure manifestations
  • Editing publications, books, periodicals, informative brochures, be that in print, electronic or in magnetic form (CD, DVD, video and audio cassettes etc.)
  • Other legal activities related to the proposed objectives and goals which are approved by the administration
  • Translating publications from other languages, the subject of which is important for accomplishing the objectives of the organization
  • Organizing conferences, concerts, expositions, lectures and meetings that serve as a means to promote culture and science
  • Organizing education and re-education lectures for everyone, including the elder