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Dialogue without sound: for equal chances!

September 6, 2010 Presently

This youth initiative has the aim to ensure an environment for non formal learning of sign language for a mixed group of deaf-mutes and persons whitout disability. In the six months 16.08.2010 – 28.03.2011, the participants have the chance to learn sign language and to get to know deaf-mute people. Meantime we would like to help the deaf-mute participants to integrate in groups of people, who do not have deficiencies, and to maintain and strengthen the ties made during the programs. We include 10 deaf-mutes and 30 people without hearing problems who learn about the world of deaf-mute people and the world of those without difficulties. Moreover they are learning sign-language with non formal methods like, workshops, artistic activities, games of improvisation, etc.


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